We have heard many horror stories from friends and family about the building process and how hard it is dealing with builders, hidden costs that may arise, and how little interest builders show in your excitement of building your dream home. But Paradigm Custom Homes made our first building experience a positive one and stress-free. From the very first meeting with Jeff, the drawing of the plans with Klaus, the construction process with Gerry, and the admin paperwork with Alicia, we were very impressed with their building knowledge and willingness to put in the effort to build us the house we have always wanted.

Being young first-time home builders, we had set ourselves up with a budget before we first sat down to discuss building with Paradigm. As there are many choices to be made throughout the building process and costs associated with those choices, at times we were feeling overwhelmed. Jeff took the time to sit down with us and discuss each quote we received from each of their suppliers to help us stay within our internal budget. Every time we felt like we were in over our heads, the Paradigm team were great in reminding us of the bigger picture and keeping us level headed. There were no unexpected surprises throughout the building process as they were open and upfront about the costs and details of building our house from the start. They were always easy to get a hold of and kept an open line of communication so we were able to bounce ideas off them as they came up. Any time we may have hit a speed bump throughout the process, a phone call from them was not far away with a solution already in mind.

Being our first house we've built, both of us were very excited and wanted to be part of all decisions being made which included all walkthroughs. Having both of us being present for every meeting proved to be extremely difficult as one of us was living in Churchill and we would have to cram all of these meetings and walkthroughs for the limited time we had. Even though you would think this would be difficult, Gerry was able to accommodate us and have everything ready and set up for each time we were both around without any delays. From the very beginning when they broke ground until the house was completed, Gerry was able to communicate with us the stage they expect to be at, at a certain point in time and they were always on schedule. Even with the difficulties of scheduling walkthroughs and meetings, Paradigm was able to complete our house ahead of schedule.

We have recently moved into our new home and we couldn't be any happier. Our home turned out exactly, if not better, than we had dreamed of. Even though our home is complete, they have continued to help us adjust to our new lifestyle of being La Salle residents. We would like to thank Paradigm for providing a wonderful, stress-free building experience. It has been a great experience working with everyone and something we will never forget!