Home building process
Fairly smooth building process.
Just know there’s always going to be some small detail that comes up, but will be dealt with promptly by the team members.

Most timelines were met with the exception of our move-in date.
I’m sure this would’ve been met if it were not for the error made by Hydro with our gas line application.
This home was not built in your typical residential development where all utilities are ready to go, so property owners are responsible for getting the appropriate permits.

What it was like working with the Paradigm team members?
Team members are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Open communication and always ready to make alternative suggestions to solve any issues or concerns.

The End Result (thoughts/feelings)
We’ve been in our home a year and absolutely love it. This is our retirement home and we’re so glad to have been able to keep property in the family. It’s so hard to get up to go to work and leave our home and surrounding property. We thank the team for all their hard work and dedication to building a quality home.

We would highly recommend!