2018 - Winnipeg, MB

We originally ordered a Kuzco Dining Room light last Feb for the June 2018 possession, and unpredictable manufacturing design circumstances delayed the arrival and installation. During this extended delay we enjoyed unrestricted support from everyone involved in accommodating this situation, along with providing a suitable substitute light and offering unlimited options, but always supportive of waiting just a little while longer for the arrival.

On arrival last week Brad arranged for Dan to complete the final installation and this was done in a most timely and professional manner.

The new light compliments our main living space perfectly and Michelle and Heather were instrumental with all their advice and guidance in directing us to this final selection. We could not be happier with the outcome of all these decisions as this Dining Room light becomes the most welcome punctuation on the completion of a very successful new house build.

Thanks again to all concerned. Your efforts were and are greatly appreciated.

2018 - La Salle, MB

We have heard many horror stories from friends and family about the building process and how hard it is dealing with builders, hidden costs that may arise, and how little interest builders show in your excitement of building your dream home. But Paradigm Custom Homes made our first building experience a positive one and stress-free. From the very first meeting with Jeff, the drawing of the plans with Klaus, the construction process with Gerry, and the admin paperwork with Alicia, we were very impressed with their building knowledge and willingness to put in the effort to build us the house we have always wanted.

Being young first-time home builders, we had set ourselves up with a budget before we first sat down to discuss building with Paradigm. As there are many choices to be made throughout the building process and costs associated with those choices, at times we were feeling overwhelmed. Jeff took the time to sit down with us and discuss each quote we received from each of their suppliers to help us stay within our internal budget. Every time we felt like we were in over our heads, the Paradigm team were great in reminding us of the bigger picture and keeping us level headed. There were no unexpected surprises throughout the building process as they were open and upfront about the costs and details of building our house from the start. They were always easy to get a hold of and kept an open line of communication so we were able to bounce ideas off them as they came up. Any time we may have hit a speed bump throughout the process, a phone call from them was not far away with a solution already in mind.

Being our first house we've built, both of us were very excited and wanted to be part of all decisions being made which included all walkthroughs. Having both of us being present for every meeting proved to be extremely difficult as one of us was living in Churchill and we would have to cram all of these meetings and walkthroughs for the limited time we had. Even though you would think this would be difficult, Gerry was able to accommodate us and have everything ready and set up for each time we were both around without any delays. From the very beginning when they broke ground until the house was completed, Gerry was able to communicate with us the stage they expect to be at, at a certain point in time and they were always on schedule. Even with the difficulties of scheduling walkthroughs and meetings, Paradigm was able to complete our house ahead of schedule.

We have recently moved into our new home and we couldn't be any happier. Our home turned out exactly, if not better, than we had dreamed of. Even though our home is complete, they have continued to help us adjust to our new lifestyle of being La Salle residents. We would like to thank Paradigm for providing a wonderful, stress-free building experience. It has been a great experience working with everyone and something we will never forget!

2018 - Winnipeg, MB

We very much enjoyed the building process with Paradigm and we LOVE our new home! We were thrilled to find a custom builder who cares about the overall quality and structure of homes they build. Things that are add-ons with other companies are simply how things are done with Paradigm. The attention to detail and pride in the work of all the trades was evident every time we stopped by the house. We never worried about checking in to make sure that things were done right. Peace of mind was the best part of the process and was priceless! We also enjoyed working with the owners, Jeff, Gerry and Klaus from the sales pitch to after move in. That's something that you don't often get with other builders. We were people to them and not just another house to be built. I would say that we would build another house with them in a heartbeat, but they have already built us our forever dream home!

2018 - St. Adolphe, MB

Home building process
Fairly smooth building process.
Just know there’s always going to be some small detail that comes up, but will be dealt with promptly by the team members.

Most timelines were met with the exception of our move-in date.
I’m sure this would’ve been met if it were not for the error made by Hydro with our gas line application.
This home was not built in your typical residential development where all utilities are ready to go, so property owners are responsible for getting the appropriate permits.

What it was like working with the Paradigm team members?
Team members are very knowledgeable and friendly.

Open communication and always ready to make alternative suggestions to solve any issues or concerns.

The End Result (thoughts/feelings)
We’ve been in our home a year and absolutely love it. This is our retirement home and we’re so glad to have been able to keep property in the family. It’s so hard to get up to go to work and leave our home and surrounding property. We thank the team for all their hard work and dedication to building a quality home.

We would highly recommend!

2015 - Oak Bluff, MB

We love our home, but…. said us never!

After building with Paradigm Custom Homes in 2015, and being involved from design to completion with the partners, their tradesmen, and their interior designer, to this day there’s nothing we would change about the final result.  Partnering with a true custom builder for us has meant never having to say we love our home but we wish some things were different. We initially chose Paradigm over other custom and tract builders because of what you don’t see – the bones behind the finishes.  Paradigm’s construction standards exceed their competitors and the trusted subcontractors they hire are those who have worked with the company for years and whose products and installations are a cut above. We know from foundation piles to shingles what materials were used, who installed them, and how they were installed.  The finished results were exactly what we aimed for thanks in large part to the guidance provided by their interior designer who accompanied us to supplier meetings and was able to really assist us in achieving the look we wanted. We were in close contact with Paradigm throughout the construction phase and collaborated with them on the inevitable challenges we encountered and changes we made.  The size of their business gave them agility that a bigger company couldn’t deliver and this really reduced the normal stress of the entire building process. Long after the sale and completion of our home, we and the Paradigm partners remain in regular contact along with a number of their suppliers and tradespeople to answer our questions and provide support. Simply put, our Paradigm adventure was an example of what every custom home purchase experience should be.  We live in our dream home and it’s all thanks to the entire Paradigm team.

2014 - Winnipeg, MB

When my husband and I started looking into purchasing a home I had always entertained the thought of building, while my husband was strongly opposed to the idea. We had been looking on and off for over 5 years and literally saw almost every show home from every builder in the city of Winnipeg and beyond. My husband was always opposed to the idea of building because of the many horror stories we heard from friends who had built homes over those years and because of what my husband amounted to poor craftsmanship and structure. Although the thought of building a home that was just ours, the way we wanted and no one had ever lived in it was appealing, I had to agree with him that the very idea of spending the kind of money it takes to own a new home, on something that would need repair right after possession, was daunting and disheartening.

That all changed when we met Jeff Baertsoen, from Paradigm Custom Homes, on a cold day in the beginning of December 2013.  Instantly we knew that this builder was different. Something about the show home showed a quality of construction we had yet to see in the many other "custom" homes we had visited before. Plus, it was so refreshing to meet with the actual builder/owner and not a realtor trying to sell us a home. Jeff went through details of what Paradigm Custom Homes means and how the company came about. You could tell that building was his passion, and he wasn't doing this because he wanted to make money and sell homes. He was extremely knowledgeable and even answered some of our questions before we could ask them. And unlike most show homes we had seen, you could tell this home wasn't only about the cosmetic features. You could see the home was well built. Jeff spoke of many materials they use to make the structure better, above and beyond what normal code requires, making us realize that this builder was in fact very different from the rest. When we left the home that day, we were barely in the car when my husband turned to me and said.. "Now THERE’s a builder. Looks like we are building a house."

The process of building a home with Paradigm Custom Home is nothing short of a dream. And everyone my husband and I met throughout the entire process was equally a joy to work with. Klaus Schneider took our vision and made it a reality as though it was effortless to draw plans for a home. Gerry Martel, the site supervisor, was always two steps ahead in the process and communicated constantly each week. We literally never expected to be able to call, email or text anyone and get responses as rapidly as we did because we knew they were be busy. They all literally made us feel like we were the only ones building a home with them, which was obviously not true. It was a deeply personal relationship and you felt instantly like you became a part of the Paradigm family. They took enormous pride and care to ensure you felt as though your voice was being heard. The patience they have showed through the entire process was admirable.

It was truly a custom home. We were provided with allowances for almost everything and it was easy to stay within our budget. The trades and suppliers they work with are top notch and you get to meet with each supplier individually. Paradigm works with an interior designer, Michelle, which is an ingenious idea. She is amazing! She has an exceptional talent for knowing what the client wants and making the home flow seamlessly with colours and decor. Plus, you know your cost up front. No surprises down the road. Jeff is very accurate with his numbers and we came in exactly where he said we would by the end of the build.

Paradigm Custom Homes and their entire team have exceeded our expectations at every turn. Gerry's attention to detail is unmatched and he works tirelessly to make the home perfect, as if he was building his own home. He was always a step ahead and if you tried to call him about an issue, he had already found and addressed it. Jeff's ability to explain every intricate detail of the workings of the home (from windows, furnace, HRV etc..) in simple terms proves that he truly understands the importance of how a home should work for it to be the most energy efficient. We even completed our house and took possession 2 months early! Every time we tell our family and friends (or anyone who will listen) about that they are in disbelief. We cannot brag about them enough and feel like they should be a frontrunner in the custom home building market. In fact, we are surprised that more builders are not following their lead.  Every penny you spend is absolutely worth it and we guarantee if you build a Paradigm Home you will get more than value for the money you put in. You truly get a home, not just a house.

Thanks so much for making our dream a reality!

2013 - Oak Bluff, MB

The principles of Paradigm Custom Homes made the experience of building our new home enjoyable. From assistance with ensuring our specific requirements in design were met to the structuring of our budget which we controlled and were continually updated on, we were in control of the process and felt the home was a true partnership of ourselves and the expertise of the Paradigm staff.

To our delight, the finished product exceeded our expectations and was within our budget. The care and attention to detail the Paradigm team took during the construction period did not end with our occupancy. The Paradigm team provided prompt and attentive follow up to any concerns we had.

We have enjoyed our Paradigm home for six (6) years now and will continue to do so.

We would recommend Paradigm Custom Homes to anyone looking to experience the joys of building their dream home.

2009 - La Salle, MB

From the beginning, we got a good feeling from Paradigm. They were upfront and honest, with no hidden costs, and the basic home package didn't skimp on quality. The home was completed on time and within our budget. We appreciated their knowledgeable suggestions for improvement or modifications.  As this was our first time building a new home, they made the whole process as stress-free as possible. We valued the use of the interior designer to guide us in some decisions, while still having the freedom necessary to make custom touches. Ten years later, we still feel welcome to call if questions arise.  We have formed not only a business relationship but a friendship as well.

If we were to build again, we would choose Paradigm!

2008 - La Salle, MB

The Paradigm Team made our home building experience a very enjoyable, stress free process.   The communication was great, we always knew what was going on and what was happening next. We ended up with exactly the house we had described to them and we moved in a week early.  If we build again, it will be with Paradigm.

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